Two years ago, I enrolled at The King’s College in New York City with the hopes of pursuing a career in finance. I quickly realized not only how vast the industry is, but how challenging it is to break into and be successful. Coming from a non-target school I saw the importance of networking, meeting financial professionals, and creating meaningful connections. After two years of meeting for coffee and lunch in between classes, a once insurmountable goal now seems much more achievable. It isn’t due to any of my own personal success but is due to the generosity of so many professionals across the city. Being able to hear the stories of men and women who have built a career for themselves has not only been inspiring, but it has helped me narrow my interests, refine our hard and soft skills, and expand my knowledge of the industry.

I have also worked in my university’s career development office for the past two years, working specifically around the business/finance field. The goal of this blog is to create posts from my background of information that help other students wrap their heads around the industry. Hopefully helping you learn the language, what it takes to succeed, and what segments of the industry you are interested in.